Gravesham Town Twinning Association


As the computer World has developed so has the idea of linking town twinning through the web.


We are very pleased to announce that thanks to a grant with the support of local Kent County Councillors we are getting equipment that will allow people and groups big and small to get together.


Schools, music groups, historians, those who want to talk about bringing people together -- we will be involving all  that we can. Come and join us!

Online we keep twinning going. Hearing about how the pandemic has affected our partners and sharing moments together from the past and for the future. Especially 40 years of Gravesham's links with Nerumunster in Germany.

We have heard about lockdowns yes, but also heatwaves and English teas as our partners own organisations endeavour to keep twinning going with the challenges there.

Welcome, Bonjour, Guten Tag,  Sat siri akaal

Latest News . . . . .  

Town twinning has been part of the life of Gravesham for over 25 years. Families that have met through Gravesham Town Twinning Association are now firm friends - both in Europe and, more recently, across the Atlantic in Virginia, USA and in India.

Gravesham Town Twinning Association is a group of people committed to seeing that the links between peoples continue to flourish.

We hope you like our web site. You can go and discover more about our partners by visiting their pages and reading about our visits.




Come online town twinning!

So town twinning has gone online -- but it is going even more online and World-wide.


Regular Zoom meetings with our twinning partners are underway and our first web gatherings have produced some very serious moments but also plenty of laughs.


This year should have seen our Virginia friends visit in June to coincide with Dickens 150; a visit to Neumunster in September to mark 40 years of links between us and Cambrai coming to Gravesham in October.


We are now planning for much later this year and into 2021 with lots of online togethers inbetween.


Left: The official commemoration of the 30 years of twinning between Cambrai and Gravesham








Right: Visit to a giant supermaqrket complex in Neumunster

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