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Jalandhar District is one of the 22 districts in the state of Punjab in North-West India and is situated in the northern half of the Punjab. The District capital is Jalandhar City - one of India’s oldest surviving cities.


The area of Jalandhar City is 100 sq. km. 228 metres (748 ft) elevation and located on the intensively irrigated plain between the Beas and Sutlej rivers.


There is a substantial proportion of the Gravesham population that has its roots in the Jalandhar District and a flow of citizens in both directions occurs because of the strong ties and good relations that exist between these areas.


The establishment of formal links between Gravesham and the city of Jalandhar begun to be investigated through an informal approach by the Mayor of Gravesham to the City Mayor (and Executive Leader) of Jalandhar Municipal Corporation (Rakesh Rathour). This approach has been received enthusiastically.


There is potential to secure mutual benefits through the exploration and expansion of the economic ties. In addition a formal link can improve knowledge and awareness of the cultural and social heritage of many of Gravesham's residents that will help the various public agencies operating in Gravesham in their dealings with the Sikh community and their efforts to promote community cohesion.


Family, cultural and sporting links already exist between Gravesham and the city of Jalandhar and a twinning arrangement is an opportunity to formally recognise these and to benefit a wider section of the local community from the export of knowledge, learning and goods.

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Jalandhar in the Punjab in India is the most recent of Gravesham's twinning partners. The civic visit to exchange twinning charters was in 2012.


Contacts are being established  for both economic development and community plus cultural exchanges. This is likely to be through 'virtual' twinning through the web  and  new technology and  the Association is looking for schools and groups to take part.



Capital of the Punjab and the oldest city


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