Gravesham Town Twinning Association


Canon Chris Stone writes:


Town twinning in Gravesham is still on the move even though its members not only here but World-wide are in a lockdown or similar.


We are going to grow twinning now in new ways. These different times have seen our World-wide twinning arrive earlier than expected. We look forward to planning how we can involve all interests, age groups and interests.


Our grant from local Kent County Councillors will mean we will have equipment to take just about anywhere to be able to link country to country, continent to continent. Maybe you know a group or organisation that would like to take part. Or come yourself and join us in our new adventures.

Our new badge

Town Twinning in Gravesham has a new badge. We wanted to reflect how twinning brings people together and so we have a person there with our twinning partners with bright colours to show the enjoyment and activity we have.




From the Chairman

Gravesham Town Twinning Association needs more members and thanks to a CAN grant from Gravesham Borough Council you will be hearing and seeing more about us.


We will be going out and about at events throughout the Borough with an information stand as well as offering speakers for local organisations and aiming to get our message into the media and social media.


We are now getting more active on a Facebook page and are looking for lots of Likes. We also have our wider role of bringing groups and organisations together. There are already requests from our twinning partners for links to schools, churches and sporting groups.


Most importantly we will be asking our members for ideas on social events and visits both for our twinning partners and also for ourselves as having fun is very much part of twinning.


Please let The Secretary know your ideas -- and come and join us.

Association asks for ideas

Hosting is very enjoyable

Part of town twinning is hosting. You visit one of our twin towns and are hosted by a family there -- so to return the hospitality you host them or others of the visitors when they return.


If you do not have the accomodation for overnight hosting then we also have members who day host -- look after our friends for the excursions or organise visits while their hosts are at work.


The Association arranges a programme of excursions and events for each visit that both visitors and hosts can take part in. This usually includes a farewell dinner event.


Language is usually not a problem. There is often enough English - French- German around for understanding and achieving the translations can be very entertaining. Hosting can be very enjoyable.

Day hosting too where you escort our visitors when the home hosts are not available.

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