Gravesham Town Twinning Association


Canon Chris Stone writes:


Town twinning in Gravesham is still on the move even though its members not only here but World-wide are in a lockdown or similar.


We are going to grow twinning now in new ways. These different times have seen our World-wide twinning arrive earlier than expected. We look forward to planning how we can involve all interests, age groups and interests.


Our grant from local Kent County Councillors will mean we will have equipment to take just about anywhere to be able to link country to country, continent to continent. Maybe you know a group or organisation that would like to take part. Or come yourself and join us in our new adventures.

Our new badge

Town Twinning in Gravesham has a new badge. We wanted to reflect how twinning brings people together and so we have a person there with our twinning partners with bright colours to show the enjoyment and activity we have.




From the Chairman

Celebrating 40 years of town twinning between Gravesham Borough Council and Neumünster, Germany.


This Council expresses its gratitude for the 40 years of reciprocal and enduring links of friendship between the peoples of the BOROUGH OF GRAVESHAM and the TOWN OF NEUM?NSTER since official twinning was approved by our elected bodies on 17th October 1980.


This Council:


Commends the benefits that twinning has had in nurturing reciprocal links of friendship between the peoples of Neumünster and Gravesham, and ensuring that all citizens  live together in peace and freedom;


Values the dialogue, tolerance, openness, respect and the deepening of understanding of each other and of the way of life of our two peoples;


Recognises and celebrates the unique contribution that representatives of our citizens and members of our respective Town Twinning Associations have made to sustain and develop close, long lasting relations and friendships;


Strongly supports our young people to contribute to our objective through close and friendly association in all types of activity so they can deepen their understanding and respect of each others;


Re-affirms its determination and wish to support and grow this partnership and mutual friendship; and


Renews its pledge to work together in co-operation with the City of Neumünster in the years to come, to ensure that the benefit of town twinning is secured for future generations.

Forty years twinning with Neumunster

PA210193 GTTANewPlus

At its meeting on 20 June, Gravesham Borough Council unanimously passed a resolution marking and celebrating forty years of the twinning link with Neumuünster in Germany. Here is the resolution with a copy being presented to the